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NBC 10 News @ 7PM (New) The News 10 Team presents an evening update on statewide and national news, along with most current updates on stories of interest in the Philadelphia area.
Access Hollywood (HD, New, TV-PG) Psychic fraud investigator Bob Nygaard; the shortest celebrity marriages are recalled.
Chicago Med Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Dr. Charles and Dr. Halstead become fully engaged in a brutal case; Dr. Marcel and Maggie arrange a traditional crawfish boil; a new relationship develops.
NBC News Special: Democratic Candidates Debate (HD) News anchor Lester Holt and political director Chuck Todd are among the five journalists who moderate democratic presidential primary debate.

The Munsters Come Back, Little Googie (TV-G) Grandpa is under the impression that he turned Eddies friend into a monkey when one of his magic tricks backfires during his friends visit.
The Munsters Far Out Munsters (TV-G) A rock band comes to town from Los Angeles and needs to find a place to hide away from their screaming teenage fans; they pay the Munsters to let them stay.
Frasier Here's Looking at You (TV-PG) Martin falls for a woman he has been spying on with his telescope, but when Frasier tries to set them up, Martin is no longer interested.
Frasier The Crucible (TV-PG) At a dinner that Frasier has thrown to celebrate his new addition to his painting collection, the forgetful artist declares his own painting a forgery.
Roseanne The Blaming of the Shrew (TV-PG) When a bossy vixen starts pushing D.J. around, Dan finally decides to put his foot down; Fred and Jackie visit a therapist to save their marriage.
Roseanne The Birds and the Frozen Bees (TV-PG) Roseanne thinks David's interests are being diverted from Darlene by another girl and moves to offer her daughter advice to prevent him from straying.

Exatlón Estados Unidos (HD, New) Un reality show de supervivencia deportiva extrema, en el que dos equipos luchan como héroes y se enfrentan en diferentes desafíos y competencias.
La Doña (HD, New) Una mujer abusada y ofendida se convierte en dura, dominante, devoradora de hombres que siempre hace su santa voluntad y anda en busca de justicia.
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